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Health, Safety And Environment Manual


We maintain relationship with LAUREL CLINIC in case of illness or emergency, in fact the health of our employees is protected to the maximum level, and we do all things possible to see that our employee’s health is protected by keeping all rules on health.


Also efforts aimed at achieving a realistic environment standard and improving current methods of environmental control shall always attract our concern and encouragement. The management will liaise with the Federal Environment Protection Agency (FEPA) as well as other relevant and responsible organizations with whom we operate towards achieving this objective.

The Management uses this medium to appeal to our employees to make our jobs standard enviably safe and profitable. We pledge that our CASHES will be practiced as shown in the CASHES meeting plan.


The security of our workers will be protected whenever work is being carried out. 


By virtue of the fact that the employer is responsible for the safety of his employee/Client in times of accidents, the management of GOLDSPACE GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED is absolutely committed to ensuring that operations are carried out, with safety in mind. On the company’s organograms there is a provision for safety line management, with a full time safety officer to co-ordinate safety matters. This officer reports directly to management.



The overall and final responsibility for health in GOLDSPACE GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED is that of the Managing Director. The Management safety Co-coordinator is responsible for this policy being carried out at the company’s premises and the safety officer will be responsible as his deputy.