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Project Management Consultancy

Goldspace Global Concept Ltd. Renders range of services as shown here. For the various projects in the area of Architecture, Civil/Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Marine Engineering and Procurement is essence.

Project Management is accomplished through the application and integration of the Project Management process of initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling and Closing. The Strategic Project Management summary is cost, Time and Quality. These three factors are directly related and project quality is affected by balancing these factors.

High quality projects deliver the required product, service or result within scope, on time and within cost/budget. Also these factors are predetermined at the conception and planning stages. What Project Management essentially entails therefore is to ensure a very strict adherence to the target cost, the target time and target scope/quality. Balancing the competing demands for quantity, scope, time and cost is primary in Project Management Consultancy. Therefore the overall success of any project is determined by the effective, planning and control, supervision, coordination general management of the “Triple Constraints”. This is technically achieved through PROJECT PHASE REVIEW (PPR). 


Identifying potential risks early within the project is critical to achieving success.